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The 4 Reasons You Should Never Buy Home Improvement Leads Online

home improvement leads online

The 4 Reasons You Should Never Buy Home Improvement Leads Online

I can think of a number of reasons that an owner would or should buy home improvement leads online.  But there are four main reasons you should NEVER buy home improvement leads online.

Testing Home Improvement Leads Online

​Never ever buy a home improvement lead online unless you have the time, and money, to make a few mistakes. The number of companies that sell this type of lead has skyrocketed due the successes of the pioneers that first started generating and selling home improvement leads. As such, there are fly by nights  and other questionable operators that will take your money and offer you little or nothing in return.  Success with this type of home improvement lead generation method   requires trial and error.

​If you don't have the time and money to commit to paying some "stupid tax" as you cull the bad from the good....don't waste your time OR your money.

A Company Structure That Processes Home Improvement Leads Online Well

​The companies that provide these types of home improvement leads generate them from a variety of sources; the main one being the internet.  As such, these leads can come in day or night.  Typically, they set you up to receive these leads in real time, either via phone call or email.

​Statistics show that the immediacy of your response is the main key to determining your success with this lead source.  Daniel was quoted in a recent Remodeling Magazine article about this home improvement lead source.

​If you don't have a structure and/or mechanisms in place to respond to home improvement leads online immediately...don't waste your time OR your money.

Underestimating the Nuisance Factor of Home Improvement Leads Online

​One of the things that we both hear from customers that have experience with home improvement leads online is that there is a definite "nuisance factor" that they have to be equipped to deal with.  With but a few rare, and mostly overpriced, exceptions, these are not exclusive leads.  Also, there is the time and effort necessary to try to get credit for leads that weren't actually leads at all.

​If your personality is such that even thinking about this part drives you nuts...don't waste your time OR your money.

Clearly Defined Goals for Home Improvement Leads Online

​This is one lead source, and like other lead sources, it's success or failure should be determined by it's financial performance, based on specific goals.  If you aren't the type to set goals by lead generation type, or you don't meticulously track the performance of home improvement leads online...don't waste your time OR your money.

Why Would You Buy Home Improvement Leads Online

​These types of home improvement leads can be a viable source of potential customers based on understanding several things...

  1. Be like your customers...do your research and talk to contemporaries about who they've had success with.
  2. Put mechanisms in place to create quicker response.  It will help with every lead source that you have.
  3. If you don't have the right temperament to deal with the nuisances involved, surely someone on your staff does.  Look for that bulldog type of person that seems to take it personally when they perceive someone trying to get something over on you.
  4. Have your goals and metrics in place, and meticulously track and analyze them.  I have one dealer that can tell me to the 1/10 of a percent how much home improvement leads online cost him as a percentage of revenue.
  • ​Buying home improvement leads online can be a great source of qualified,quality leads if you, and your business, is ready to deal with them.

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