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5 Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes

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5 Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes

Lead generation marketing is the lifeblood of any home improvement business.  No leads, no business.  It is the top of a circle that basically describes a home improvement business owners job…get leads, make sales and install product/get paid so that you can start the process all over.
Here’s 5 lead generation marketing mistakes that you need make sure your home improvement company isn’t making…

Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #1:  No Plan


lead generation marketing planSir Winston Churchill gave one of the best adaptations of an old Benjamin Franklin saying opining, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”  So many times I’ve seen home improvement owners and/or their marketing folks begin a new program or use a new source because someone else did it, or it sounded really cool.  Lead generation marketing via the “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” program rarely produces acceptable results.

Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #2:  No Synergy

I know…sometimes I hate that “s” word myself…but it fits here.  Daniel’s organization is one of the most effective marketing organizations of its kind in the country, a true lead generation machine.  In my opinion, one of the main things that makes them so effective is what I call “turbo-charged” marketing.  Daniel’s organization rarely, if ever, goes after a market segment with just one type of marketing.  They recognize that people often respond to marketing types similarly to the way they learn.  In other words, Daniel uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic (seeing, hearing and touching) forms of lead generation marketing as a way to maximize a marketing programs opportunity to touch the most potential customers.

Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #3:  No Coordination Of Effort

This sort of goes hand in hand with #2, adding in the positioning element.  The biggest way to lose lead generation marketingthe benefits of synergy is to fail to coordinate the message between similar lead generation marketing efforts.  Another big issue is a failure to properly communicate existing promotions to salespeople.  Always ask yourself whether or not each marketing type communicates the same message, even thought they may be communicated differently, and also whether or not the message you are communicating is in line with the image that you want your organization to portray.

Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #4:  No Urgency

Even if you are an organization that considers yourself to be a “two step” vs “one call close,” shortening the sales cycle is every home improvement owners dream.  It saves money and time in going back and forth to the customers home, plus it frees you up to pursue other lead generation marketing opportunities. Urgency doesn’t necessarily have to be in your face, but it does need to be a part of EVERY program.  Urgency is the difference in a homeowner deciding to deal with drafty windows now, for example, or putting it off for another year.

Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #5:  No Post Game Analysis

Maybe the biggest mistake of all is the failure to assess your results.  There are many metrics that home improvement dealers can use.  The old standby is comparing the fully loaded cost of a particular lead generation marketing effort to the revenue it generated.  Some things, like TV, are going to be much higher, but, depending on your marketing goals and your market itself, 10-15% is a number that most home improvement dealers can live with.  Proper analysis can tell you what works and what doesn’t.
Is your home improvement company making any of these lead generation marketing mistakes?




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