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Being Involved in a Home Improvement Customers Research

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Being Involved in a Home Improvement Customers Research

Being involved in a potential home improvement customers education should be your ultimate goal regarding step two of the home improvement buyers journey; educational research.  Play your cards right here, and you can turn a cold lead into a warm one with very little direct effort.

In one of the greatest book on developing a sales driven business that I've ever read, called The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, Holmes starts with the premise that for any given product or service, only about 3% of the potential market is ready to buy right now.

home improvement customers

For home improvement customers we consider "buying" to be the willingness to set an appointment for one or several visits at their homes and/or our locations.  So, think about that....for every 100 people that our different forms of home improvement marketing touches, only 3 of them are ready to see us now.  Is it any wonder that we often question the effectiveness of all this money that we spend trying to get new home improvement customers?

Home Improvement Customers and Lead Quality

home improvement leads quality

The other struggle concerning home improvement lead generation is the clash between quantity and quality....Many times home improvement company owners battle with these seemingly at odds ideals; I need more leads so that I can keep my salespeople happy and have more shots, but I need better quality leads so that I can close more and maximize the effectiveness of my sales and marketing efforts.

So, how then does a home improvement customers research affect quantity and quality of leads?  Well, let's start by looking at our original statistic of that 3%.  Imagine a customer has made the determination that they have an issue they'd like to fix, or are ready to upgrade, and they're in that 3% that are ready to go.  Let say this potential home improvement customers web savvy and that's their preferred method of research.  They do a search for a product of service that you carry and you've done your web marketing work, have a near the top placement and the prospect asks (via phone or form on your site) for an in-home estimate.  Chances are, especially today, you aren't the only one that's going to get that chance, right.

You see, this type of lead is not much different than the old Yellow Page leads, where the home improvement prospect lets their "fingers do the walking."  In other words this is going to be a very competitive lead as all the information that the possible home improvement consumer has about you is what you say about yourself on your site.  Certainly, today, depending upon how quickly you can get to them, possible home improvement customers may have time to do some additional research on your company specifically, but the lead is still pretty cold, comparatively speaking.

Home Improvement Customers Research: The Gold Mine

​It's the 97% that aren't ready to "buy" where we need to be focusing our efforts, as those prospective home improvement customers afford us the opportunity to have our cake and eat it too; in other words, quantity AND quality.  The good news is that while getting your prospect through their research phase and into the 3% does require some initial creation, it has a mostly "set and forget" aspect to it, as we'll see in a future post.

You see, the goal here is to guide the prospect's research.

If you get this right, not only will you have more leads, but the probability that those leads will turn into home improvement customers will be much greater.

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