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Call Tracking Numbers: Good Idea or Bad

call tracking numbers

Call Tracking Numbers: Good Idea or Bad

Does it make sense to use call tracking numbers as part of your home improvement marketing strategy?  There are some definite pros and cons...

Why Use Call Tracking Numbers

call tracking numbers

​Call tracking numbers are most often used to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with regards to ROI.  In a home improvement marketing setting, there are several places that you might consider using call tracking numbers.

Offline Marketing

​Your marketing plan for your home improvement business should have several different segments; you know, the whole "eggs and baskets" conversation.  One of things that you could do is assign different numbers for each segment, or even get as sophisticated as assigning individual numbers to specific campaigns within a segment.

​For example, you could be using direct mail to target different areas within your footprint and could assign separate call tracking numbers to each piece so as to judge the effectiveness and lead quality in each specific area targeted.

​Online Marketing

​Today, due to a better understanding of the importance of web marketing for home improvement businesses, call tracking numbers are used often in the online marketing segment.

​Home improvement business owners concerned with tracking the effectiveness of their  efforts in generating home improvement marketing leads can use call tracking numbers on their website which roll directly into their more established phone numbers at their physical locations.

​Most services that offer call tracking numbers provide reporting that includes the tracking number, the incoming callers phone number and duration of the call.  All of this information can be married to leads generated during the reporting period to calculate your return.

​From a consistency standpoint (something which we'll delve into shortly), you could also use the same tracking number when setting up your profile on local review sites.

​Why Not Use Call Tracking Numbers

​There's a couple of areas of potential concern with the use of call tracking numbers in both online and offline arenas.

​In the offline conversation above, we talked about having many call tracking numbers to quantify the effectiveness of different campaigns within a given segment.

​Of course, the more call tracking numbers that you have the more time, effort and resources it takes to compile the information necessary to judge the effectiveness of a particular campaign.

​A more pressing concern is the use of call tracking numbers in an online marketing scenario.  Search engines, especially Google, are looking for what is called "NAP" (name, address, phone number) consistency. This means that everywhere that your business has an online presence the NAP should be consistent.  In other words, if you list your business as being on "Main St." on a review site, it shouldn't be listed as "Main Street" on your website, etc.

​It is understandable that some home improvement owners just figure the use of call tracking numbers aren't worth the potential issues that come with them.

​Our Take On Call Tracking Numbers

use call tracking numbers

​We recommend and use call tracking with almost all of our customers.

From an offline standpoint, we coordinate the gathering and organizing of the information from each campaign and depending on level of access, can provide reporting on each call tracking numbers effectiveness.

​Our recommendations concerning the web marketing portion of call tracking numbers usage is that all off site profiles use the actual phone number of the business.

​On the website, we recommend the use of call tracking numbers from a visitors visibility standpoint.  There is coding that can "mask" the tracking phone number from the search engines "view."  Most reputable SEO experts are on board with this idea.

​Considering using call tracking numbers as a part of your home improvement marketing strategy?  

We use a service called Hosted Numbers (NOT an affiliate link).  They provide great services including a massive number of local call tracking numbers, 800 numbers, vanity numbers and a robust reporting system that allows us to provide our clientele visible proof of the effectiveness of each campaign.  Their level of customer service is unmatched.

Call tracking numbers can provide a hands off view of the effectiveness of your home improvement marketing efforts.

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