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new home improvement lead generation website

Do You Have a Home Improvement Lead Generation Website

As we’ve travelled down this DIY home improvement marketing road, you’ve probably figured out it’s really not about finding them, but them finding you.Of course, there’s the issues surrounding collecting, distributing and follow-up of all the leads that you generate. That’s typically taken manpower, often times in the form of phone rooms. Leads got lost (or sometimes stolen), overtime got paid, and lead quality suffered.That’s where a good home improvement lead generation website comes…
making a keyword list to find more home improvement customers

Finding More Home Improvement Customers

​During our last get together in our on-going conversations about DIY home improvement internet marketing we began talking about how the marketing dynamic has changed. This has lead us away from a reliance on high cost, low return forms of advertising to the masses in the hopes of catching a potential customer right when they were ready go into buying mode.We’ve identified a process that has included identifying your ideal customer and trying to figure out “where” they are online and how…
change how you think about marketing your home improvement business

It’s Time For a Change In How You Think About Marketing Your Home Improvement Business

​After spending the time to define your ideal home improvement customer the next step in your DIY home improvement internet marketing effort  is to spend the time understanding how that customer can find you. By now, some of the DIY home improvement marketing discussions that we’ve had might seem a bit foreign to you, as our home improvement marketing tactics have traditionally focused on the immediate lead, and with good reason. The old adage about “striking while the iron is hot”…
ideal home improvement customer

Home Improvement Marketing: Your Ideal Customer

Today let’s focus on the DIY aspects of identifying your ideal home improvement customer. But before we do, let’s talk through why this is so important. Why Identify Your Ideal Home Improvement Customer​Focus—We’ve previously discussed how the marketing/advertising paradigm has necessarily changed with the competition for, and cost of, home improvement leads rising so much in the past 5-10 years. Today, effective home improvement marketing focuses on a more narrow, but more qualified,…
home improvement internet marketing help internet marketing

Home Improvement Marketing Help: Internet Marketing

Both Daniel and I truly believe that there are many home improvement business owners out there that have the time, desire and skill set to handle their own marketing. Being educator’s at heart, we bet some of you just need a little home improvement marketing help. Today starts a series that we’ll revisit often that we hope will help. Each week we’ll delve into one specific topic designed to give you the knowledge necessary to get a quick start on a specific topic, and offer other resources…