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The 4 Reasons You Should Never Buy Home Improvement Leads Online

I can think of a number of reasons that an owner would or should buy home improvement leads online.  But there are four main reasons you should NEVER buy home improvement leads online.​Testing Home Improvement Leads Online​​​Never ever buy a home improvement lead online unless you have the time, and money, to make a few mistakes. The number of companies that sell this type of lead has skyrocketed due the successes of the pioneers that first started generating and selling home improvement…
marketing to existing home improvement customers

Marketing to Existing Home Improvement Customers

As we complete our review of the 5 stages of the home improvement buyers journey, we end with what could be called the "Holy Grail" of this, and most other, types of business.  You've done exactly what you told the customer you would, the product or service provided is performing as promised and you get additional opportunities to market to existing home improvement customers, either for additional products or opportunities with friends or other family members. ​ ​The Benefits of Marketing…

Generate More Home Improvement Leads

Need to generate more home improvement leads?  This part of the home improvement buyers journey, the Alternatives Stage, is where the proverbial rubber meets the road.  This stage is actually defined by the end of one part (finishing research on the product/service desired) and the beginning of the next (the choice of potential home improvement dealers to potentially do the work).If you put yourself in a position to be involved, and maybe even guide, your potential customers research,…
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Being Involved in a Home Improvement Customers Research

Being involved in a potential home improvement customers education should be your ultimate goal regarding step two of the home improvement buyers journey; educational research.  Play your cards right here, and you can turn a cold lead into a warm one with very little direct effort.​In one of the greatest book on developing a sales driven business that I've ever read, called The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, Holmes starts with the premise that for any given product or service,…
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How To Generate Home Improvement Leads Quicker

You want home improvement leads...and the quicker the better, right?  Today we're going to talk about how to do that by taking a look at the first step in the home improvement buyers journey that we talked about the last time we got together: Issue Awareness. ​The Best Source for Home Improvement Leads is Someone Knowing They Have Issues... Isn't this where virtually ever sale begins?  The homeowner identifies that there are issues around the home that need fixing, updating or upgrading. …

The 5 Stages of a Home Improvement Buyers Journey [Infographic]

In your ongoing research into marketing your home improvement company more effectively, you've undoubtedly run into terms and concepts that can be, at best, confusing.  Two of the most used terms in the entire marketing space today are buyers persona and buyers journey.​Buyer persona​, as defined by the folks at BuyerPersona.com, is "an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market, based on what you’ve learned from direct interviews with real buyers." …
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What Makes For A Good Home Improvement Lead Generation Website

So, you're thinking about creating a new, or updating an existing, home improvement lead generation website.  Great!  Before you do, let's make sure we understand what this lead generating machine is supposed to accomplish.   Golden Rule #1 Your new home improvement lead generation website should provide credibility and authority for your business. Whether it's before you ever meet with a homeowner, or after you do, you can bank on the fact that today's savvy consumer will look at…
Home Improvement Marketing Cirlce of Life

Home Improvement Marketing: The Circle of Life

  If you have kids or grandkids, you undoubtedly watched “The Lion King” at least once…or, if you are like me, dozens of times. One of the key themes is “the circle of life.” Home improvement marketing professionals have their own “circle of life,” that must play itself out much more often to insure success.   Home Improvement Marketing:  What You Have to Do Every Day   At the end of the day, if you own a home improvement company, you’ve got to do three things over…
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5 Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes

Lead generation marketing is the lifeblood of any home improvement business.  No leads, no business.  It is the top of a circle that basically describes a home improvement business owners job...get leads, make sales and install product/get paid so that you can start the process all over.   Here's 5 lead generation marketing mistakes that you need make sure your home improvement company isn't making... Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #1:  No Plan   Sir Winston Churchill gave one of…
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Evaluating Home Improvement Leads

by Daniel Gallegly
Getting home improvement leads ain't nearly as easy as it used to be. I hear that a lot these days. With the economy soft, a lot of "tried and true" lead sources that home improvement companies have depended on in the past to drive sales seem to have done an about face and no longer perform like they used to, stranding many marketers and business owners in a land of high lead costs and low confidence about what to do about it. But there's hope. I promise.   Track Home Improvement Leads By Source…