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Putting you customer first

Effective Home Improvement Sales Training

You're not doing enough home improvement sales training within your organization. How can I make that bold, challenging statement? Simple...it's what I spend about 60% of my time doing, and there's not one single organization that I'm working with that is doing enough training with their staff. ​ ​In addition to not doing enough training with your home improvement salespeople, you're also not doing enough training with every one of the rest of your staff. Yes, when you are in a business that…
home improvement customers needs

Understanding a Home Improvement Customers Needs

In our business, success from a sales standpoint begins with an understanding of a home improvement customers needs.  Part of the customer focus that we talked about in a previous post is the salespersons ability to uncover and assess the true needs of the potential home improvement buyer.​What Are Your Home Improvement Customers Needs​Those of you that have been in the business for any real period of time remember when most home improvement leads came as a result of cold call telemarketing.…
home improvement sales and trust

Home Improvement Sales and the Trust Component

Successful home improvement sales organizations are populated with trustworthy people, especially those who demonstrate and sell the product.​ ​​You've probably heard the old adage many times, "People buy things from people that they like and trust.  The "and" is there for a reason; it takes both sides of the equation.  One without the other doesn't work. ​While the whole "like" thing can't be taught, a home improvement sales team can learn to be more trustworthy by gaining an…
home improvement sales tips

3 Home Improvement Sales Tips to Insure a Customer Focus

Last time we talked about how successful home improvement sales organizations exhibit certain characteristics.  Today we want to spend some time hunkered down in the most, from the standpoint of long term success, important home improvement sales tip of all.  The home improvement companies that stand the test of time and prosper demand and cultivate a customer focus.​What does that look like?​ ​​Home Improvement Sales Tip #1: Customer Focus Begins with Understanding Who Your Customer…
Sold Buyer Seller Salesperson Customer Handshake

Home Improvement Sales

We've spent a good deal of our time talking about generating leads and general marketing for your home improvement company, but if you remember the home improvement businesses owners "Circle of Life," that we discussed a while back you may remember that home improvement lead generation is but one of the three things you need to be focused on each and every day.​ ​We're going to spend some quality time over the next few visits talking about the second part of the circle, home improvement sales.…