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internet effectiveness as a lead generation source

The Effectiveness of the Internet as a Lead Generation Source

​ Internet marketing is a more effective way to generate home improvement leads.Really, Joe, are you sure?We’ve been working our way through a series about how to look at marketing your home improvement company from a different standpoint, and there have been very few posts or series that we’ve done that have generated the kind of passionate responses and questions this one has.I don’t mind telling you that quite a few of these have challenged our assumptions. Most of these responses are…
home improvement leads online

The 4 Reasons You Should Never Buy Home Improvement Leads Online

I can think of a number of reasons that an owner would or should buy home improvement leads online.  But there are four main reasons you should NEVER buy home improvement leads online.​Testing Home Improvement Leads Online​​​Never ever buy a home improvement lead online unless you have the time, and money, to make a few mistakes. The number of companies that sell this type of lead has skyrocketed due the successes of the pioneers that first started generating and selling home improvement…
home improvement lead generation website

What Makes For A Good Home Improvement Lead Generation Website

So, you're thinking about creating a new, or updating an existing, home improvement lead generation website.  Great!  Before you do, let's make sure we understand what this lead generating machine is supposed to accomplish.   Golden Rule #1 Your new home improvement lead generation website should provide credibility and authority for your business. Whether it's before you ever meet with a homeowner, or after you do, you can bank on the fact that today's savvy consumer will look at…
Internet marketing for your home improvement company

Internet Marketing For Your Home Improvement Company

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Is it time to think about internet marketing for your home improvement company?   The two-fold problem for most home improvement company owners is time and skill-set.  During this visit, let's look at an overview of the why's and the what's.  Over the course of the next few times we get together, we'll start to look at what works and what doesn't, as well as the how to's in a step by step way.     Why Internet Marketing for Your Home Improvement Company     It's pretty simple...ask…
Home Improvement Marketing Pros

3 Home Improvement Marketing Resolutions For The New Year

  Ah, 'tis the time of year to make New Years resolutions...Here are 3 home improvement marketing ideas that every home improvement company owner should be looking at for 2013.   Home Improvement Marketing Resolution #1:  I resolve to work on my website's call to action.   Your site should have a good call to action for each reason that your website exists.  Decide what you want a visitor to your website to do and tell them what and how to do it.    The easier you can make that…