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Frequently Asked Home Improvement Marketing Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Improvement Marketing

How do I get more, high quality home improvement leads?

In years past, home improvement marketing was all about the numbers. The more people you saw, the more sales you closed. The problem today is that the numbers don't play out the same way anymore. Take a look at this discussion about quality versus quantity when it comes to home improvement lead generation.

I don't have a plan on how to market well, can you help?

You know the old saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." We can definitely help here. Let's create a plan that is well rounded and eminently trackable from a return on investment standpoint.

I have a website, but I get virtually no leads from it. Why not?

The most probable reasons are either age, user experience, or lack of updates, or any combination of the three. Unfortunately, most websites we audit have been designed more like a company brochure rather than a home improvement lead generating machine.

How do I know how or where to market to potential clients?

It begins with an understanding of the home improvement buyers process. If you do much marketing research today you'll run across the concept of a buyer's persona. In essence, it's about understanding your potential customer and the process they go through before they ever call you.

Can I just buy leads online?

Absolutely...there's any number of options here. Obviously, some better than others, and then there is that "nuisance factor." If you're looking at this option as a way to get more home improvement leads, check out this post on how to determine whether or not you should buy leads online before venturing into that arena.

What's all this stuff I keep hearing about "inbound marketing?"

As opposed to outbound marketing, inbound is all of the things that you do that "gets them to come to you." More so today than maybe any other time in history, the old adage about people loving to buy but hating to be sold to is so true. Content marketing is an immensely popular form of inbound marketing.

I have good leads, but not near enough sales? What's up?

In our years of experience training home improvement salespeople, there are typically three main reasons that you aren't closing enough sales, even with high quality leads. We can help you and your team overcome those obstacles and help more customers get the right products and services from the right company.

I'm all over the place...can you help me?

There's only three things you should be focusing on every day. We can do two of those for you, or help you determine if you have the time, the skillset, or the desire to do them yourself. Let's have a conversation!

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