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Generate More Home Improvement Leads


Generate More Home Improvement Leads

Need to generate more home improvement leads?  This part of the home improvement buyers journey, the Alternatives Stage, is where the proverbial rubber meets the road.  This stage is actually defined by the end of one part (finishing research on the product/service desired) and the beginning of the next (the choice of potential home improvement dealers to potentially do the work).

If you put yourself in a position to be involved, and maybe even guide, your potential customers research, like we talked about last time, your potential for a higher lead quality grows exponentially.

So let's take a look at how these two parts work together...

The potential customer continues to narrow their search to the point that they're ready to talk to a human about a product or service that they desire.

The potential customer becomes a home improvement lead by typically giving several home improvement dealers the opportunity to present a product and an estimate.

​I get it, I know you're saying, "Come on, Joe, we know that this is what happens."  And that would be true; you do know what happens, but just knowing what happens, and not figuring out how to exercise at least some level of control over what happens between the two will keep you from unlocking the secret to generating more home improvement leads.

If you truly want to maximize your opportunity to get more, higher quality home improvement leads, you have to be visible to your potential customer.  Today there's three absolutely necessary things that you had better have and/or be doing during this stage to maximize your ability to be found at the right time...

You need a quality, updated website that has several good lead capture mechanisms and a consistently updated blog.

You need to be creating content about what your customer is trying to find, where they're looking.

You need to have a social media presence as well as encouraging reviews by existing customers.

Next time, we'll talk about the Decision stage, where all of your efforts to get more home improvement leads can actually turn into revenue.

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