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Do You Have a Home Improvement Lead Generation Website

new home improvement lead generation website

Do You Have a Home Improvement Lead Generation Website

As we’ve travelled down this DIY home improvement marketing road, you’ve probably figured out it’s really not about finding them, but them finding you.

Of course, there’s the issues surrounding collecting, distributing and follow-up of all the leads that you generate. That’s typically taken manpower, often times in the form of phone rooms. Leads got lost (or sometimes stolen), overtime got paid, and lead quality suffered.

That’s where a good home improvement lead generation website comes in.

The “Good Old Days” of Lead Generation

Think back to the way it used to be done. Sure you and your team had three to four leads a day, and closed at about a 50% (to demos) rate. But ask yourself, how much of those gross sales actually went net?

As first an in-home sales guy, then later a Sales Manager and General Manager, I worked in organizations that would sponsor a giveaway at a home show, for example. The sole purpose of this giveaway was to generate hundreds of names on pieces of paper that would then be delivered to a 12-18 person phone room. Then they’d call these folks incessantly until they broke down and said we could come out for a visit, or they figured out how to block our calls.

When I was running leads, I asked for four per day simply because I knew how the numbers worked. I’d close 2-3 of them, at least one of which we wouldn’t be able to get financed. Many times the rescission on another of them would beat me back to the office the next day, because I’d stay in the house fighting too long just to make sure that the Rehash man wouldn’t get my deal.

The third month in a brand new location as a General Manager we wrote almost $900,000.00 of business in one month. Take a guess how much went net…less than $250,000.00!

Combine this level of inefficiency with the internet’s ability to allow your customers to quickly tell the world about your sales techniques and you can see why this business model has mostly gone the way of the dinosaur.

Part of that business model change has been the new home improvement marketing paradigm we keep talking about.

Why Even Have a Home Improvement Website

In our opinion, there are three main reasons to have a home improvement website…

Home Improvement Lead Generation Website
  • Credibility—Like it or not, today this is the ultimate first impression. If you don’t have a website, or have an outdated one, you’ll probably never get a second look.
  • Immediate lead capture—You may remember that 3% percent of a market for any product or service are ready to “buy”. On every page of your website, you must have a way for them to do that (set an appointment). This would both a fillable form, as well as a phone number for those that would rather talk to a real person.
  • Future lead capture—As we previously discussed, the other 97% are in various stages of research. If you offer them a valuable incentive, they must just allow you to be involved in their research. This has the additional benefit of making for a “warmer” lead once they do reach that 3%.

These three things alone can help your lead generation efficiency immensely, especially as a collection tool. The website works 24/7/365; point all of your other marketing efforts back to your site. Less people involved means less potential for loss AND a lower overall lead cost.

The biggest problem we see with home improvement websites that we work on is that they are focused on the home improvement company, rather than the customer that they service.

What Makes for a Good Home Improvement Lead Generation Site

There are many free, or inexpensive website builders that can help you create a website that meets the three criteria above. Maximizing your success, though, does requires a bit more work.

Like we said in the beginning of this post…this ain’t “Field of Dreams,” just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come.

A good home improvement lead generation site helps your efforts at creating more opportunities more efficiently by:

website lead generation
  • Helping to get more eyeballs to your site—Good site design and on-going updates via a dynamic content marketing program can help more of your potential audience find you.
  • Creating higher levels of credibility—Not only can a customer-focused, consistently updated website get you more opportunities, but it can also achieve a higher level of authority by positioning you and your operation as the “go-to” source for home improvement questions.
  • Creating opportunities for reputation enhancement—If you subscribe to any review sites, make sure some of those go on your site as well, as well as incorporating written and video testimonials. You might as well take advantage of the fact that you got them to your site.

During our next visit, we get deeper into some of the finer points of getting them to your site using some alphabet soup.

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