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3 Home Improvement Sales Tips to Insure a Customer Focus

home improvement sales tips

3 Home Improvement Sales Tips to Insure a Customer Focus

Last time we talked about how successful home improvement sales organizations exhibit certain characteristics.  Today we want to spend some time hunkered down in the most, from the standpoint of long term success, important home improvement sales tip of all.  The home improvement companies that stand the test of time and prosper demand and cultivate a customer focus.

What does that look like?

home improvement sales tips

​Home Improvement Sales Tip #1: Customer Focus Begins with Understanding Who Your Customer Is

​If you don't know who your customer is, its pretty hard to sell them anything, much less what is right for them.  Statistics tell us that the biggest reason people don't buy has less to do with cost and more to do with a perception that we try to sell them what we think they want, rather than us finding out what they want and helping them get it.

In marketing circles today, you'll hear a lot about what we dealt with in an earlier post, home improvement buyer persona's and the journey that they take in the buying process.

Understanding who ​your customer is, and how they buy is not just the way to more home improvement sales, but more profitable ones as well.  Understanding the customer and how they buy helps to focus your overall home improvement marketing efforts and expenditures.

Home Improvement Sales Tip #2: Customer Focus is Also About Understanding Their Misgivings

​Like it or not, some of the more unscrupulous home improvement operators have created an illusion that we're risky to do business with.  I read from a survey recently that said that homeowners when assessing the risk of doing business with a home improvement company equate that risk  with the same level of risk as doing business with a used car salesman.

A customer focused​ home improvement company recognizes this dynamic and understands that potential customers aren't always looking for the lowest price, but they are always looking for the lowest risk.  

Understanding this makes a home improvement owner consistently review his procedures and customer interactions so that wherever the customer looks, the message is the same.  Doing business with us represents the least amount of risk.

​Home Improvement Sales Tip #3: Customer Focus is Ultimately About Doing What You Said You Were Going to Do

​I've always believed that trust has a conscious component and a subconscious one.   Since people buy things from people they like and they trust, this trust thing is obviously important.

​In our business, conscious trust is often the result of being perceived as an expert in what we do, without being a know it all.  After all, even in this day and age of customers doing massive amounts of research prior to calling us for an appointment, they do call us nonetheless.

But the best home improvement sales tip of all, from a customer focus standpoint is leaving the perception that you did exactly what you said you would.

This starts​ with the information communicated during the setup of the first appointment, and goes all the way through until everything's done and the customer's satisfied.  

The key is consistency...although you don't want the person who sets the appointment to try and sell the job over the phone, a great thing for them to share is the steps that the salesperson will go through when they are at the customers home.  Not only does that put the customers mind more at ease, but it also sets the salesperson up for success as they go through the steps and the expectations that the appointment setter created.

​Next time, we'll continue our series of home improvement sales tips by going a bit deeper in to the next characteristic of a prosperous home improvement organization; knowledgable salespeople.

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