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Home Improvement Sales

We've spent a good deal of our time talking about generating leads and general marketing for your home improvement company, but if you remember the home improvement businesses owners "Circle of Life," that we discussed a while back you may remember that home improvement lead generation is but one of the three things you need to be focused on each and every day.

home improvement sales

​We're going to spend some quality time over the next few visits talking about the second part of the circle, home improvement sales.  After all, all of the leads in the world don't matter if you don't turn any of those prospects into paying customers, right?

As someone who was an home improvement salesperson, a home improvement sales manager at a large Southeast home improvement company and one who now spends a great deal of time training home improvement salespeople all over the Southeast​, this is a  topic that I'm very passionate about.

​Today, I want to focus on some overriding principles and then take a much deeper dive over the course of our next visits.

The  4 Characteristics of a Successful Home Improvement Sales Organization

​First, and foremost, being an effective home improvement sales organization requires a customer focus.  One of the things that we talk with home improvement salespeople consistently is to do everything with a focus on the customer in front of you.  If a salesperson goes into a lead thinking "I've got to close this sale because I've got a mortgage payment to make," they'll always do something or act in such a way that the customer won't trust them.

​A second characteristic of an effective home improvement sales operation is knowledgeable salespeople.  The old adage is true, "People buy things from people that they like and they trust."  "Like" is one of those things that's hard to teach, but trust is earned.  In our business one of the ways we earn trust is being perceived as an expert in our field, without being perceived as a know-it-all.  Are you and your salespeople true experts in every product that you sell?

​Thirdly, home improvement sales success is a function of a salespersons ability to understand the objections that are common and deal with them early and often.  A big part of our training is to help home improvement owners and their salespeople figure out what these are and how to structure their presentations to either bring up or get these objections early and deal with them before the final price discussion.

​Finally, an outstanding home improvement sales company has an outstanding backend.  Not only is this important from the standpoint of the fact that this is where the majority of the money changes hands, this is of utmost importance as it relates to the confidence of your home improvement sales team.  In our business, the vast majority of salespeople have nothing to do with fulfillment, but it's their reputation they put on the line every night in front of that homeowner.  We'll spend some significant time on this in our next series.

​In my capacity as a home improvement sales trainer, I'm often in situations where I have to referee the argument between marketing and sales as to whether the lead or the sale is more important.  As a home improvement small business owner, you know that they are of equal importance as one doesn't happen without another.  But closing more home improvement sales will have a huge effect on your bottom line, and could afford you more resources to allocate to generating more home improvement leads.

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