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How To Generate Home Improvement Leads Quicker

home improvement leads

How To Generate Home Improvement Leads Quicker

home improvement leads

You want home improvement leads...and the quicker the better, right?  Today we're going to talk about how to do that by taking a look at the first step in the home improvement buyers journey that we talked about the last time we got together: Issue Awareness.

​The Best Source for Home Improvement Leads is Someone Knowing They Have Issues...

Isn't this where virtually ever sale begins?  The homeowner identifies that there are issues around the home that need fixing, updating or upgrading.  Until this happens none of your home improvement marketing strategies will have any effect.  This is about timing, which can explain why sometimes your mass media marketing gives you little or no return on your investment.

Getting Home Improvement Leads is About Being Available

At this point in the process, a potential home improvement buyer begins to assemble his/her thoughts into what they might like to fix, update or change about their home.  This is really less about research than it is about preparation to do research.  This could include discussions among the family, friends and relatives about similar issues that they have faced.  This also could be the time that a potential budget for the project is discussed.  This is also the time a future customer might be "touched" by a TV or radio spot, or by a direct mail piece.

Next time, we'll look at the second stage in a home improvement buyers journey; Educational Research.  This is one of the most overlooked areas for generating higher quality home improvement leads.

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