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What Makes For A Good Home Improvement Lead Generation Website

So, you're thinking about creating a new, or updating an existing, home improvement lead generation website.  Great!  Before you do, let's make sure we understand what this lead generating machine is supposed to accomplish.   Golden Rule #1 Your new home improvement lead generation website should provide credibility and authority for your business. Whether it's before you ever meet with a homeowner, or after you do, you can bank on the fact that today's savvy consumer will look at…
Internet marketing for your home improvement company

Internet Marketing For Your Home Improvement Company

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Is it time to think about internet marketing for your home improvement company?   The two-fold problem for most home improvement company owners is time and skill-set.  During this visit, let's look at an overview of the why's and the what's.  Over the course of the next few times we get together, we'll start to look at what works and what doesn't, as well as the how to's in a step by step way.     Why Internet Marketing for Your Home Improvement Company     It's pretty simple...ask…
Home Improvement Marketing Cirlce of Life

Home Improvement Marketing: The Circle of Life

  If you have kids or grandkids, you undoubtedly watched “The Lion King” at least once…or, if you are like me, dozens of times. One of the key themes is “the circle of life.” Home improvement marketing professionals have their own “circle of life,” that must play itself out much more often to insure success.   Home Improvement Marketing:  What You Have to Do Every Day   At the end of the day, if you own a home improvement company, you’ve got to do three things over…
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5 Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes

Lead generation marketing is the lifeblood of any home improvement business.  No leads, no business.  It is the top of a circle that basically describes a home improvement business owners job...get leads, make sales and install product/get paid so that you can start the process all over.   Here's 5 lead generation marketing mistakes that you need make sure your home improvement company isn't making... Lead Generation Marketing Mistake #1:  No Plan   Sir Winston Churchill gave one of…
internet marketing for home improvement company

Evaluating Home Improvement Leads

by Daniel Gallegly
Getting home improvement leads ain't nearly as easy as it used to be. I hear that a lot these days. With the economy soft, a lot of "tried and true" lead sources that home improvement companies have depended on in the past to drive sales seem to have done an about face and no longer perform like they used to, stranding many marketers and business owners in a land of high lead costs and low confidence about what to do about it. But there's hope. I promise.   Track Home Improvement Leads By Source…
email marketing

Home Improvement Lead Generation Via Email Marketing

Some say that email marketing is dead.  I say, "Don't knock it until you try it."  The reality is when it comes to home improvement lead generation via email marketing, most sites I see, or home improvement pros I talk to, don't really understand the potential for generating leads using this low cost source.  The other thing that I’ve heard discussed repeatedly during my association with home improvement businesses is lead quality.  We’ll discuss how proper use of email marketing can turn…
home improvement marketing ideas

Scratch The Itch With Need Based Home Improvement Marketing

by Daniel Gallegly
Here's the big question: Is the home improvement marketing you're doing actually relevant? Does it scratch an itch?   All too often, home improvement companies water down their marketing trying to answer questions that consumers aren't even asking. For instance, do they really want to know if you offer the best service around? Do they care if you're family-owned and operated? Will they drop whatever they're doing because you guarantee the lowest price? Do you think it matters a lot to them…
event marketing

Generating Sales Leads Is About Going Where They Ain’t

by Daniel Gallegly
Okay, so what's a window and siding company doing at the annual Butter Beans Festival? Short answer: Making friends and generating sales leads. Venues like small town festivals, fairs, and block parties can be a gold mine for low-cost leads. Why? Homeowners flock there. Yet, though people come in droves, what I find is that most of the time the competition is non-existent.  This part of event marketing has become a staple in many home improvement company's marketing plans. How Does This Work For…
home improvement websites

Home Improvement Websites–What Are Your Goals?

  What are some of the goals of  home improvement websites?  Chet Holmes, author of the Ultimate Sales Machine (affiliate link), talks about most websites being nothing more than glorified brochures, rather than "money making magnets."  Previously, we talked about three resolutions from a home improvement marketing standpoint.  The first resolution was to work on your home improvement websites call to action.  But first, you need to figure out what you hope to accomplish by having a website. …
Home Improvement Marketing Pros

3 Home Improvement Marketing Resolutions For The New Year

  Ah, 'tis the time of year to make New Years resolutions...Here are 3 home improvement marketing ideas that every home improvement company owner should be looking at for 2013.   Home Improvement Marketing Resolution #1:  I resolve to work on my website's call to action.   Your site should have a good call to action for each reason that your website exists.  Decide what you want a visitor to your website to do and tell them what and how to do it.    The easier you can make that…