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making a keyword list to find more home improvement customers

Finding More Home Improvement Customers

​During our last get together in our on-going conversations about DIY home improvement internet marketing we began talking about how the marketing dynamic has changed. This has lead us away from a reliance on high cost, low return forms of advertising to the masses in the hopes of catching a potential customer right when they were ready go into buying mode.We’ve identified a process that has included identifying your ideal customer and trying to figure out “where” they are online and how…
home improvement customers needs

Understanding a Home Improvement Customers Needs

In our business, success from a sales standpoint begins with an understanding of a home improvement customers needs.  Part of the customer focus that we talked about in a previous post is the salespersons ability to uncover and assess the true needs of the potential home improvement buyer.​What Are Your Home Improvement Customers Needs​Those of you that have been in the business for any real period of time remember when most home improvement leads came as a result of cold call telemarketing.…
marketing to existing home improvement customers

Marketing to Existing Home Improvement Customers

As we complete our review of the 5 stages of the home improvement buyers journey, we end with what could be called the "Holy Grail" of this, and most other, types of business.  You've done exactly what you told the customer you would, the product or service provided is performing as promised and you get additional opportunities to market to existing home improvement customers, either for additional products or opportunities with friends or other family members. ​ ​The Benefits of Marketing…